Chinese Sexual Secrets So Secret, Nobody Knows They’re There


bigstock-Secret-Document-9430277Western women never reach higher than the 5th level of orgasm,” my Chinese Medicine teacher told me.  As he was both a Master Martial Artist and an MD as well as a Doctor of Oriental Medicine, I thought I’d better pay attention.  “In China, the ninth level would be considered minimal expectation.  One thousand strokes would easily produce such an orgasm.”

“A thousand strokes?” I repeated, trying to wrap my head around the visual that provoked. Continue reading “Chinese Sexual Secrets So Secret, Nobody Knows They’re There” »

Posted on March 28th 2014 in Health, Life, Love, Martial Arts, Women

The Insecurity List


bigstock-Woman-Looking-At-Herself-In-Th-27551078It all started with a cocktail party conversation about the surprises Middle Age throws at you (hot flashes?  Seriously?) and what to do about them – but it ended in everybody glumly deciding a facelift might be the only hope for a happy future after middle age sets in.  Nobody admitted to having had any “work done” yet, not even the ones who had already nipped and tucked.

Ok, I admit it might never have happened without all the wine, laughter, calorie-un-conscious foods and the fact that there were only women in the room.  I mean who makes lists at a party, other than a bunch of women slightly in their cups?  Continue reading “The Insecurity List” »

Posted on March 21st 2014 in Beauty, Women

A Shared History


bigstock-Feet-Warming-By-Fireplace-55274456Shared history has immense power.  I didn’t know how much until my divorce.  It wasn’t only my future dreams that vanished with my husband, but the comfort of shared history that had been far more a source of strength for me than I’d realized.  We were the same age, so we shared the same jargon, memories, music, flashpoints in history… I had no idea how difficult it would be to find a way to re-create that comforting commonality.

A few years after my divorce, I began to date a much younger man.  I thought he was 10 years older than he was, he thought I was 10 years younger than I was.  When I realized there was a near 20 year discrepancy in our ages, I panicked.  I called a  male friend and colleague twenty years younger than I and asked what I should do.  “That’s easy,” he said enthusiastically.  Continue reading “A Shared History” »

Posted on March 14th 2014 in Life, Love
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