A Thought for the New Year


bigstock-Grunge-image-of-New-Year-comin-15363092I’d like to offer you a profound and provocative poem, with which to start this portentous New Year … this one is shaping up to be a year  of both spiritual and political drama far beyond the norm. The world is more volatile than ever now…as if there’s an energy explosion in progress, bubbling up from some deep, hidden  place in our unconscious, demanding to be set free to change, change, change the way we see our world and the way we act in it, too.  There’s a revolutionary air about it all, reminiscent of the ’60s…a sense of urgency to end injustice, to rescue the planet from the greedy pillagers, and to give more of humanity the even break it deserves. It feels like an  ending and a beginning, of some cosmic proportion  we can’t yet comprehend… a time when we must be up to the challenge of the whirlwind and use all our resources to embody, in Gandhi’s words, the change we wish to see in the world. Continue reading “A Thought for the New Year” »

Posted on December 31st 2013 in Life, Poetry

I Love My Dog


poochieI’m in love with my dog.  There’s really no other way to express it.  He’s a former pound-puppy, rescued from the Humane Society at 5 months, now grown to 120 pounds of pure, unadulterated love and devotion.

When Dakota went off to college five years ago, and my nest was disturbingly empty for the first time since I was 22 years old, I knew I’d never be able to face life alone unless I found a dog to share it with me.  Not just any dog, of course – it had to be my perfect dog, because during a long and circuitous life, I’d been blessed by the gods with perfect dogs, as well as a couple of clinkers, so I knew the difference.  Continue reading “I Love My Dog” »

Posted on December 21st 2013 in Family, Life, Love

The Christmas Cap


papas-hatThere it was on top of the armoire, quiet in the dust of the years, the bright red newsboy cap that had been my Father’s favorite as long as I could remember. Like the tin soldier in Eugene Field’s poem Little Boy Blue, “awaiting the touch of a little hand, the smile of a little face,” tucked away long ago and then forgotten in the crush of every day needs and the inexorable turning of the years. 

Touching it with reverent fingers, I was a child again, the years dissolved, my father’s hand in mine, laughing with me in the snow. God’s in his heaven, all’s right with the world. I felt suddenly buoyed with that astounding sense of loving safety only childhood allows. The safety a wonderful Father can embody for his child, that says, “Don’t worry.  Everything will be alrightI won’t let anything harm you.” Continue reading “The Christmas Cap” »

Posted on December 13th 2013 in Family
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