What Would Jesus Do About the Catholic Church?


I was raised an Irish Catholic.  6 a.m. Mass most mornings, Novenas every Tuesday night, First Fridays every month and as many rosaries as could be squeezed in between.  To say nothing of choir practice for the Sunday Mass. I was taught by the long-suffering nuns and was usually their chosen debater to be sent

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Posted on February 8th 2013 in Faith, Life, Politics, Religion

Maybe This Says it Pretty Well

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People don’t look to the long-ago poetry of Edgar Guest for soaring metaphors or complex pentameter. He was often called the People’s Poet because of his commonsense-able thoughts about life, rendered in the form of simple verse that was full of homespun wisdom and spiritual decency. When I was writing  the What Would Jesus Do blog  I remembered this poem

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Posted on February 8th 2013 in Poetry, Politics, Religion

Forever Young


It’s who we are.  On the Inside .  Untouched by time or infirmity. Untrammeled by sorrows and losses and terrible truths. Unfettered by the vulnerability of old age or the fear of oblivion. Inside we are  forever young. 

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Posted on February 2nd 2013 in Happiness, Life, Loving Life

When Your Inside Doesn’t Match Your Outside Anymore


A snapshot can do it… a store window reflection…  a chance remark by a friend.  It’s the moment you realize you’re not young anymore.  You’re not old either, thank the Lord, just – you know, not young.  You don’t feel any different on the inside.  But your inside doesn’t match your outside the way it

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Posted on February 2nd 2013 in Life, Loving Life, Women
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