Religion Isn’t Gospel


Church and StateThe recent avalanche of faux Religiosity (as opposed to true Spirituality), as well as the endless God-and-Bible-Speak of the recent Presidential “debates” has really set my teeth on edge.  The idea of religion being used to serve a political agenda was never a good one – as the Founding Fathers made perfectly clear in their determination to keep Church and State forever separate.

If you’re a reader of my blogs or books, you probably know by now, that love of God in His/Her many guises plays a large role in my life, so perhaps I can tell you what’s on my mind without being labeled an atheist or agnostic.  It saddens me that God, Allah, Jesus, et al, have been used so often over the course of time, as an excuse for reprehensible acts of godlessness.  Pogroms, Crusades, Torture, Inquisitions, Wars… so much suffering has been perpetrated on humanity by those who claim God on their side, it must make Creator wonder why He/She bothered with us in the first place. Continue reading “Religion Isn’t Gospel” »

Posted on May 10th 2012 in Faith, Religion
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