Equal Rights… Did You Think We Had them?


“Equality of rights under the law shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any state on account of sex.” The proposed Equal Rights Amendment to the Constitution   That’s it.  That’s all of it.  24 words.  It says nothing about having to endure dual-sex toilets or the draft.  It pretty

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Posted on March 29th 2012 in The Philosopher’s Teacup, Women

A Free School Based on Talent and Heart

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“The Heart of the Matter is Free Education.”                                                 Caroline Simonelli, Fashion Designer   How many people do you know who delight in the idea of working or vacationing in Beirut? My

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Posted on March 23rd 2012 in The Philosopher’s Teacup, Women

May the Road Rise with You


Go n-éirí an bother leat. May the road rise with you.   I couldn’t be more Irish if I tried… Irish on both sides of my family tree, back to the dawn of time… so Irish, in fact, that we even have a family Banshee.  So how could I not take this lovely St. Patrick’s

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Posted on March 17th 2012 in The Philosopher’s Teacup

The Haunting of the Heart


The talk of possibilities for  Paint the Wind to become a movie or miniseries has caused me to be reminded very hauntingly of my mother. I should tell you, I think, that although my mother’s name was Kate, the family called her Manu, because it meant Giver of the Law in Hindi – she was

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Posted on March 9th 2012 in Paint the Wind, The Philosopher’s Teacup

Dr. John Upledger…Cranio Sacral Therapy


For me, Dr. John Upledger was the answer to prayer.  Literally. My 13 year old Cee Cee was in a coma, close to dying, from an apparently undiagnosable malady no one could figure out or fix. I’d listened for days, as doctors tried to sound as if they knew what to do, knowing in my

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