Holiday Happiness Starts Now…


I love the holidays with all my heart.  I wait all year, anticipatory as a child, to be able to play Christmas carols without apologies.  Truth is, from November through New Year’s, my life takes on an incandescence undreamed of in the rest of my work-a-day year.  Music, decorations, lights, tinsel, a lifetime’s worth of carefully wrapped treasures – all find their way out of attic or basement, and into a house made magical by the memory of Christmas Past. Continue reading “Holiday Happiness Starts Now…” »

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What Price Beauty

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I spent a lot of years in the Beauty/Fashion industry… I starved myself like everyone else did.  Looking beautiful and sexy was a different kind of nourishment, and I made the tradeoff gleefully.  But looking back, I’ve had lots of second thoughts about the unrealistic dream of beauty we’ve left our daughters.  Real women don’t look like the retouched ones in magazines.  Strong women can’t live on a starvation diet.  Able-bodied women can’t run or walk, or protect themselves, should they need to, in 6 inch stiletto heels. Continue reading “What Price Beauty” »

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Body of Wisdom

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Have you ever looked in the mirror and just wanted to cry?  I did that one recent morning, having had too little sleep and far too little coffee to cope with revelation.  My body wasn’t any of the things I’d wanted it to be… that was clear from the get to.  Not tall as Julia Roberts or thin as Calista Flockhart, not straight and lithe and sexy as when it was young and innocent of life.  My face, while it’s a perfectly good face, shows signs of more experience than you could shake a stick at.  My breasts – always my best feature – seemed to be holding their own pretty well, but my abs, God help them… they were never made of steel, but of flesh that’s carried children, and comforted life’s large or small hurts with one too many tea and toasts, by the look of it.

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Many people in the esoteric and native cultural worlds believe the date 11.11.11 was just the beginning of the wild ride we are on. They say a great influx of celestial energy is being infused into humanity, for the purpose of encouraging us, as a species, toward spiritual enlightenment.  They believe this was a time when, in the midst of all our planetary trevails, a special grace was  bestowed on us, so that all the energies we focus on transcending our follies and embracing our heart-strengths can be magnified a hundred-fold. Continue reading “Stargate” »

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Friends to the End

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“Show me your friends, and I’ll tell you who you are.”

Russian Proverb

“Laugh and the world laughs with you.  Cry and you cry with your girlfriends.”

—Laurie Kuslansky

Thick, thin, life, death, moments, decades, loves, losses.  Hearts blood or chicken soup, it’s the women friends who’ve been there.  Advice or a boot in the fanny… cheering up or cheering on… a phalanx at the graveside, a standing army through life. Continue reading “Friends to the End” »

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My Aunt’s Perfect Blueberry Pie

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I was blessed with a family of great and merry women, who were kind enough to live into their 90s (one to 105!) so I could enjoy their wisdom, laughter and strength for much of my life… and also learn how to make great pies!

I know we can’t recreate the best of our past very often, but a few very visceral treasures manage to stand the test of time. These days, when so much of what we eat tastes (and is!) synthetic or adulterated, and so much of it must be eaten on the run… what fun it is to revel in the luxury of time and pure natural  ingredients with which to create culinary delights that make store-boughten goodies seem absurd by comparison. So in tribute to the great cooks of my childhood, and to all the little children of the world who learn in their Mothers’ and Grandmothers’ and Aunties’ kitchens that food prepared with love and laughter is the most nourishing food of all, I offer two simple recipes that can hold an astonishing amount of both these most precious ingredients.

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I had a conversation with my dear 93 year old Aunt Helen shortly before she died, about how good the old days really were.  Memories of my grandmother’s home-baked bread, of family gatherings, home and hearth and love and laughter, cuddling us both in remembered grace, were like a feather comforter for the spirit.  “Life isn’t better now,” she mused, “just faster and more complicated.” Continue reading “Legacy” »

Posted on November 4th 2011 in Family, The Philosopher’s Teacup
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